What can you do if you have a safeguarding issue?

Riverside Training take the safeguarding of all our learners and staff very seriously. Here we will provide you with information you need to report a concern and who you can speak to.

If you have any concerns, you can email the safeguarding team at safeguarding@riverside-training.co.uk or directly contact the Designated Safeguarding Officers below.

Julie Nowlin - julie.nowlin@riverside-training.co.uk

Megan Tyler - megan.tyler@riverside-training.co.uk 

If you feel more confident speaking to your work based tutor, please contact them on their email address or contact number.

All of our staff are trained to identify the signs of a safeguarding need, to include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect and to follow the 5 Rs for their responsibilities to record and report any concerns with respect and consideration to those concerned.

Our staff are also trained to recognise and support our learners in the workplace and to follow the internal safeguarding policy, which is reviewed on a yearly basis, therefore ensuring that we are continually up to date with any new legislation and that we remain committed to the welfare of all our people alongside the government PREVENT strategy and British Values.

Read more about the PREVENT strategy, 5 Rs and the British values here:

If you would like to report a concern please download the relevant file below and send it back to one of the designated safe guarding officers above.