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How does an apprenticeship work with Riverside Training?

How does an apprenticeship work with Riverside Training and what you could expect from starting an qualification with us.

If you have decided to pursue an apprenticeship, then the first thing you can do is arrange a meeting with a member of the Riverside team.

Please see contact details below for each training specialist who looks after apprentices and levy apprenticeships.

Apprentices - Megan Tyler - megan.tyler@riverside-training.co.uk

Levy/Apprentices - Charlotte Virgo - charlotte.virgo@riverside-training.co.uk

Levy - Louise Beiszley - louise@riverside-training.co.uk

You can contact all of our specialists by calling - 01432 359244

We will take some details from you and advise you what apprenticeship vacancies we have available. We will give you some CV and interview advice too if necessary.

If you see an apprenticeship advertised by Riverside Training that interests you, then we will put your CV forward for that role. Depending on the employer, we will arrange an interview for you (they may contact you directly to arrange one), and can offer interview practice if you feel like it would help.

If you are successful at interview and offered the role, then we will get a start date for you, and the employer will confirm what information they need from you. If you are unsuccessful at the interview, then we will make sure we obtain constructive feedback from the employer to help you going forward with other interviews.

Take a look the journey would take as a learner here

If you are thinking about starting an apprenticeship with Riverside Training and you want to get the process started, have a look at our current vacancies and complete a form. 

You will have a sign up meeting with your Work Based Tutor (WBT) within 2 weeks of you starting. This sign up meeting will officially enrol you onto the apprenticeship. Your WBT will then arrange to contact you every 4 weeks to set you work, conduct observations and help you with anything regarding your qualification. We have an online system called BUD which is where all your work will be set, submitted and marked.

You can find out more on the e-learning platform called BUD here

To see more information on what an apprenticeship is, have a read of one our blogs that will go into more detail here: What is an apprenticeship.


Will I have the day of to go to college?

The answer to this question is no, not with Riverside Training. With us you will be at your new workplace full time. You will be given set time during your working week to complete any apprenticeship work (20% of the time you will need to be doing this), this is called your 'off the job training'